Block Fixing Adhesive & Tile Adhesive

Block Fixing Adhesive is a age –thin joint technology which is overlooking the traditional ways of bonding aac block and fly ash bricks block fixing adhesive is eco friendly and economical product.
• versatile thin jointing morter for aac block/concrete block.
• specially designed with very fine particles size for thin joint & high adhesive strength for quick and firm laying of aac block/concrete block,
• save time & logistic expense as require very less quantity compare to traditional mortar and only water is to add for application speed up the build process.

Advantage :
• Pre mixed, hence only water is to be added, save time
• Shrinkages would be lesser as application layer is thinner hours and need not water for curing speed up the work in progress.
• Minimizes the undulation of the surface
• Being premixed it saves considerable time and labour
• No curing required saves water eco friendly product
• Ease of mix and much faster application
• Thin layer application results in structure being compact.

Coverage :
approximately 260sq.ft. for 100mm block to 125 sq.ft for 225mm block at 3mm thickness.