Injection Grouting Machine & Packers

Electric Injection Pump-E-400 Electric Injection Pump-E-400

High Pressure Grouting Machine It is the professional machine which is applied in the structure perfusion, equipped with super pressure. To solve out the inconvenience of the carrier, it is very light and it is the best choice of stanch worker.

Speedy Construction: can be advanced to 10000 PSI in a few seconds, and the working time will be shorter than other machine.

Low gross: It is only 9.00KG, easy to carry.

Simple maintenance: can be fixed without special training, to avoid the delay for the machine fixing.

Standing Pressure: can be effused into the small slot effectively, and envelop the leaking.

• Gross: 9.00 Kg
• Max Output Pressure: 11000 PSI
• Star-up: < 7500 PSI
• Safety Scope of High-pressure pipe: < 14000 PSI
• Safety Scope of On-off Valve: < 18000 PSI
• Safety Scope of Butter Head: < 16000 PSI

Standard Specification:
• Machine Body
• 5 meters high pressure pipe
• Switch Valve Suit(including Butter Head)
• Electric Drill Machine
• Maintenance Saddlebag.
• Discharge-0.9lpm.
• Single line discharge for pre-mixed resins
• Light weight & simple operation
• Remote switch operated
• Easy flush after usage

Application Scope:
• For the crack, flexing crack, construction crack, and instruction crack of building and concrete project.
• Cracking of building, girder, pole, board etc. structure, inject epoxy resin with high-handed.
• Leak stopping for underground, tunnel, culvert, sewage disposing pool, concrete fissure.
• Leak stopping for floor, wall pipe, and wall corner
• Grouting of reservoir and dam for the water conservancy project, leak stopping of the water transporting tunnel, seepage control of the concrete crack of the embankment.
• Leak stopping for basement, underground garage, and underground channels.
• Leak stopping for the breast wall of artesian well in geologic drilling project.

Pressure Flow
10000 PSI 0.74 Liters/Minute Power Supply for Gulf 220V



Zinc couplers are used as link between injection machines & packers
Material Can Supply
Iron (mild steel)
Thread Type
Metric M10×1,1/8”BSPT
White zinc, yellow zinc, copper, chrome ,nickel
Other Grease Gun Accessories can Supply

75mm x13mm
100mm x13mm
110mm x 13mm

Sika Injection-101h Sika Injection-101h

Flexible water reactive PUR-Injection foam for temporary water stopping
Product Description
Sika Injection-101h is a low viscous, fast foaming and solvent-free water-reactive polyurethane injection foam resin, which cures to a dense flexible foam with a fine cellular structure.

• Sika Injection-101 h is used for the temporary water stopping of high water intrusions in cracks, joints and cavities in concrete, brickwork and natural stonework.
• To achieve permanent watertight crack sealing, Sika Injection-201 or Sika Injection -203 should be injected subsequently.

Characteristics / Advantages
• No reaction takes place unless it is in direct contact with water.
• Sika® Injection-101h can be injected as a single component system.
• The free foaming expansion in contact with water is up to 40 times.
• The reaction speed (foam formation) is influenced by the temperatures of the mixed material, the structure and the contact water, plus the hydrodynamic conditions.
• In cold temperatures (< +10°C) Sika® Injection-101h can be accelerated using Sika Injection-AC10.

Product Data
Colours : Pale yellow
Packaging : 200 kg metal drum

Storage Conditions / Shelf-Life: 6 months from date of production if stored in unopened, undamaged and original, sealed packaging, in dry conditions at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C.

Technical Data
Chemical Base : Solvent and CFC free, water reactive single part polyurethane resin
Density : 1.06-1.1
Viscosity : cps 500-1300 at 23°C
Odour : Faint characteristic

System Information
Substrate Temperature : +5°C min. / +35°C max.
Ambient Temperature : +5°C min. / +35°C max.

Application Instructions
By single action piston pump operating at high pressure. By twin piston pump when mixed with water (100:15) to produce foams of different densities. Sealing cracks(minimum crack width 0.2mm,for smaller cracks consult Sika technical department) Do not inject Sika® Injection-101h solution containing more than 50 % by weight of Sika® Injection-101h as localized high pressure may develop because of excessive foaming & swelling and may damage/ destroy the construction. Drill 15-22 mm holes along the side of the crack at 45° angle. Drill the holes to intersect the crack midway. Install injection packers in the holes and tighten. If the cracks to be injected are 10mm wide or more at the surface, pack open cell polyurethane foam saturated with Sika® Injection-101h into the crack. Spray the saturated foam with a small amount of water to activate the grout and create a surface seal. Pump Sika® Injection-101h at >20 bar into or behind fissures or into voids which are allowing water to infiltrate into unwanted areas. If voids in concrete being injected contain insufficient moisture to activate the grout inject a small amount of water prior to injecting the grout. Pump Sika® Injection-101h for approximately 15 seconds and then pause to allow the material flow into all the cracks and crevices. Keep pumping, watch for material flow and water to appear at the surface or the next packer. When movement stops or Sika® Injection-101h appears at the next packer move to the next packer and inject. When sealing vertical cracks start at the bottom and work upward.

Application Method / Tools
Use injection pumps suitable for single part products, such as Sika® Injection Pump EL-1, EL-2, Hand-1 or Hand-2.

Cleaning of Tools
Clean all tools and application equipment with Sika® Colma Cleaner to remove any polyurethane residue immediately after use. Do not leave Sika® Colma Cleaner in the injection pump. Hardened/cured material can only be removed mechanically.

Notes on Application / Limitations The waterproofing process is divided into three phases:
The time during which the injection material flows under pressure from the pump to the desired moisture/water containing areas.
The time from initial mixing until the reaction starts.
The period during which the mix viscosity increases and foam expansion takes place.
Sika® Injection-101h is generally used for the temporary stopping of high water infiltration. To achieve permanent watertight crack sealing, the subsequent injection of Sika® Injection-201/-203 is recommended.

Value Base
All technical data stated in this Product Data Sheet are based on laboratory tests. Actual measured data may vary due to circumstances beyond our control.

Health and Safety Information
For information and advice on the safe handling, storage and disposal of chemical products, users shall refer to the most recent Material Safety Data Sheet containing physical, ecological, toxicological and other safety-related data.

Low Viscocous Epoxy and Pu Grouting Low Viscocous Epoxy and Pu Grouting

Low viscous epoxy is used to fill and seal voids and cracks in structures such as bridges and other civil engineering buildings, Industrial and Resi. Buildings, e.g. Columns, Beams, Foundations, Walls, Floors and water retaining structures.

PU Grouting is used for permanent watertight sealing with some flexibility to absorb limited Movement, in dry damp or water bearing cracks and joints in concrete, Brickwork and nature stone.