Heat Reflective Coating & Paints

How Does it Work?
• The heat reflective paint when dried, forms a fine layer on the roof surface. The ceramic beads in that produce a radiant barrier and reflect the heat back to the atmosphere.
• Ridex thermoseal is a strong, tough coating, formulated with hollow-core ceramic micro spheres, strands and irregular particulate in a complex 100% acrylic suspension with superior adhesion and abrasion resistance.
• The heat reflective paint is ideal for use on Asbestos sheets, Galvanized steel, Enameled steel, Aluminium roofing, Cement tiles, Clay tiles, RCC roofs, Polycarbonate sheets and Asphalt shingles.
• White is recommended for maximum thermal benefits.

Advantage :
• coating reduces the peak time day temperature of the roof by about 12-25%
• coating blocks 80% of UV rays and 90% of solar infrared rays
• coating stops the crack formation and leakage on the roofs.
• It helps reduces the air conditioning cost.
• both in terms of capital cost and operating expenses.
• Removes heat island effect.
• Reduces the carbon footprint of your building.

Unique Features :
• Excellent Heat Insulation Properties.
• Excellent Water Repellency .
• Ease of Application .
• Excellent Resistance to UV Radiation .
• Excellent Resistance to Chemical Attack.